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Incredible Moments Captured Forever.

It is my strongest wish that an individual looking at my images is struck by; the essence of the scene, a story presented in a quality photographic image. Nature is an extremely important piece of who I am, and I bring this personal vision to light in my narrative photographic images. It is important that these photographs convey many aspects of nature.

“I want to create a photograph that conveys many aspects of nature. I believe it should be more than just a portrait of a scene, it is a piece of art, a story composed by and the artist, to convey what is happening at that moment.” 

 Over time photography has evolved from the early days in the dark room, where I started, to images that are greatly influenced by technology. Today, individuals are struck by a few of my notable photography characteristics: a majestic natural sense that takes them back in time or an abstract impression of our world today using color and light framed in a dramatic format. I preserve the natural scene by, framing with barnwood.

As artists, photographers must evolve. We learn the basics from master artists such as; John Fielder, Ansel Adams, Thomas Mangelsen and David Muench, then combine our new found knowledge with our personal inspiration. As is most art, it is personal. I present a realistic, engrossing story through my images, engaging the individual who may never be able to see a particular scene, in the great outdoors and create a contemplative sense of being there.

Artist Statement: Bio
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