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Joan McCracken is a nature photographer who focuses on the many facets of natural landscapes. She often includes, sparkling water, mountains with golden quaking aspens, sun kissed flora and brilliant green trees, all with an intimate realistic perspective of the natural beauty that lies beyond the trees, down the backroads and trails.

“I want to create a photograph that conveys many aspects of nature. I believe it should be more than just a portrait of a scene, it is a piece of art, a story composed by nature and the artist, to convey what is happening at that moment.” 

Her passion to bring a scene to the viewer who may never see that scene otherwise, is what makes her photography special.

“It is not about competing with other photographers for the best image of a scene, is what I simply want to bring the scene to you.”

Her interest in photography began at a young age. She started while in High School, saving her money to purchase her first film camera, experimenting with black and white prints and developing the images in the dark room. As a digital photographer she built on this foundation in film and applied it to the evolving digital world.

The National Parks is a big thread that runs through her series of photographs. She spends a great deal of time in Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain National Park, Zion National Park and many others in the West and Southwest. What she is currently working on, portraying Colorado ghost towns and old buildings from it’s past. Joan is highly proficient at capturing the power of nature intimately, through the delicate wildflower or the raging current of a river.

She has technical training, and hands on experience working with professional photographers in the field throughout the Southwest and West. Originally from Cleveland Ohio, Colorado has been home since 1979.  She has a deep appreciation for the photographic opportunities that are found in this beautiful state. Filling her time with photography, travel, hiking and camping, she is also extremely comfortable when cooking, or gardening and of course planning her next photo adventure.  

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